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Electronic cigarette is a new innovation in technology that every smoker should try. It is a good alternative instead of puffing tobacco cigarette because it does not emit harmful smoke. It has changed the smoking habit of many smokers throughout the world. There are different brands of electronic cigarette available in the market and E-Lites is one of the popular brands that you can find. E-Lites give satisfying smoking experience just like the traditional tobacco cigarette. The good thing about puffing the electronic cigarette is that it does not involve any legal or health issues.

Why Choose E-Lites Electronic Cigarette?
Using electronic cigarette is up to 75% cheaper as compared to smoking tobacco cigarette. This means that it can save you considerable amount of money that can be significant to your finances. Likewise, you need not worry about the psychological and physiological effect of smoking because electronic cigarette does not contain tar and tobacco. E-Lites electronic cigarette is available in various strengths that give you the opportunity to smoke casually without bothering any harm. That is why you can smoke anywhere you are even in public places.
In addition, puffing electronic cigarette does not give smokers breath and spares you from any smoking restrictions. That is why you can enjoy smoking even there is smoking an in your area. With E-Lites you can take advantage plenty of smoke along with the smooth and delicious cigarette taste. This brand of electronic cigarette offers international warranty and quality assurance. The product has been tested and passed the CE Assessment and Quality Control. Since the company is based in United Kingdom they ensure international warranty that is beneficial especially for their customers outside United Kingdom. E-Lites are consistently reviewed as the best.


When buying electronic cigarette make sure to choose the best one. As much as possible, you should check the technical aspect of the electronic cigarette and ensure that it functions properly, effectively and long-lasting. E-Lites has robust cartridge that is designed to give the allowed nicotine amount. In order to obtain satisfactory experience, make sure that the battery is high quality so that it will serve for longer time.
When you purchase the E-Lites
​you will receive USB charger, car
charger, wall charger and the
E-Pack. The product has warranty
of 12 months and is free from repair
​charges. However, the warranty
period varies depending on the
model of the electronic cigarette.
​While the electronic cigarette is
within the warranty period, the
defective components can be
​repaired or replaced.  On the
other ​hand, if the defects are caused
by improper maintenance, misuse,
improper charging and unauthorized modifications the company does not give warranty.
When you buy this electronic cigarette make sure to read carefully the instructions indicated in the manual. In this way you will not be mistaken using it as well as the proper maintenance. Indeed, changing the smoking habit is possible as long as the individual is committed and through the help of electronic cigarette. By using E-Lites you can ensure that your health is not at risk and at the same time you are satisfying craving for smoking.

E-Lites info
e Lites
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E Lites Codes - Updated Summer 2013
            E Lites electronic cigarette is designed for those users who wish to quit tobacco smoking and cut off the expenses that they incur in buying cigarettes. This kind of electronic cigarette contains nicotine that smokers crave, but does not contain any substance that are commonly found in tobacco. Thus, getting this product at a discounted price is a fabulous convenience. This is where E Lites codes become beneficial. E Lites codes can be used to get discounts on purchasing the product. The best codes this summer are ELITESAFF15 and NHS20.

            E Lites Codes can give you excellent convenience in shopping electronic cigarettes by E Lites. These codes can sometimes offer price off on the actual price of the product, discounts that can range from 5% to 50% on selected products, or even free shipping. All this things can be yours if you found E Lites codes that represent these values. By using these codes, you can the product that serve as a safer alternative to traditional smoking while still saving money on your purchases. To date, there are codes that are available that offers 15 % to 25% discount foe a limited time only. These codes are available in affiliated sites of E-Lites Company and entitle savings value for all E Lites products before the end of December 2013.
            E Lites codes have discount values on almost all E-Lites electronic cigarette products including refills, starter kits, full kits, and more. The great convenience of these codes is that they are relatively easy to use. Most of these codes automatically apply the discount on the total amount of your purchase during your online shopping checkout process. All you have to do is to copy the code to the site where you find it and paste it to the payment box provided by the retail store you intend to but the E-cig products.

            Finding E Lites codes are also very easy. Almost all online retail stores that offer E Lites products also offer these codes. Nevertheless, you can also find E-Lites codes from different coupon website. These websites offer almost all kinds of discount codes and coupon codes in a vast variety of products sold online. There are even certain occasions that you will find printable codes that you can use in shopping at online stores. The best place to find these codes is at the official website of E Lites. The company offers that latest codes available for you to find. For more convenience, you can sign up an email to the company to get daily newsletters and RSS feeds about E Lites codes, and other happening in the company that you should know.
            The use of codes that have discount values to the product has been widely used by almost all online retailers.  It serves as their promotional strategy. This gives their business high increase of sales. But the great convenience of this goes to customers as the get their favorite products at discounted prices. If you intend to use or using E Lites electronic cigarettes you can take the full benefits of E Lites codes. You get the product that can save your health from the dangers of the tobacco smoking as well as save a bunch of cash.

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